Stand out from the crowd with Stealth PPF

Model Y’s are quickly becoming a common sight on the streets of Brisbane.
The owner of this particular example wanted to make sure theirs stood out a little more than the rest whilst still protecting their paint from the rigours of daily driving and carpark hazards.
Enter XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film.
Stealth PPF allows us to not only provide the paintwork with not only the best protection from physical harm such as stone chips and scratches, but also converts the factory gloss finish paint work into a satin finish creating a very unique look.

Protection is not just limited to the paint.

On top of the Xpel stealth paint protection film, we also added a layer of ceramic coating to provide hydrophobic properties to the PPF and ensure the owner spends less time cleaning the car and more time driving and enjoying it.

Lastly with the car protected, why wouldn’t you want to protect the occupants?
Our Xpel Prime XR Plus window tint film does an excellent job of just that.
XR Plus is Xpels top of the range tint film with a unique multilayer ceramic nano particle blend (bit of a mouthful!) providing 99% UV protection and 96% heat rejection.
You can be sure the occupants will feel much cooler with the windows tinted on top of the very cool satin paint protection film finish.

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