Why the Model Y? Why not!

Tesla Model Y’s a flooding in now as owners start taking delivery of their much anticipated vehicles.
We have a range of protection packages available to protecting these new Teslas including paint protection film and ceramic coating kits.
This particular metallic blue example came in shortly after being collected to have the front bumper and headlights protected using our Xpel Ultimate plus PPF, followed by paint correction and full vehicle ceramic coating using our Gtechniq CS Light (5 yr) ceramic coating over the paint work and Gtechniq Halo (2 yr) over the PPF.

Ceramic coating and PPF working together.

The front bumper on most Teslas regardless of model is often the area where the most damage is dealt, with the large flat surface facing forward and minimal grills (due to being an electric vehicle) it is bound the get peppered with stone chips when following other cars.
PPF is certainly the best choice for protecting this surface from physical damage.

The addition of ceramic coating over the vehicle will make the owners life much easier when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
Ceramic coating not only helps reduce road grime and contaminents from sticking to the surface but it also adds hydrophobic properties, meaning less water spots and faster drying of the vehicle after washing!

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