Scrape Armor

Precision skid plate protection is here! Say goodbye to front splitter damage from steep driveways, parking curbs, and more.

Slide Don’t Grip

Scrape Armor skid plates are manufactured from a super low friction polymer giving your vehicle the best chance of sliding rather than gripping when the vehicle scrapes over a surface.

The glide tek rail design has been created to reduce the surface area thus reducing friction by up to 50%.

Each vehicle kit is laser measured and custom designed specifically to fit the underside of that models bumper for exact fitment

Scrape Armor Is:

  • Low-Profile –  Only 0.2mm thicker than the OEM hardware already on your bumper.
  • Patented Precision Fit – Thanks to 3D scanning technology that creates over 1 million data entry points, Scrape Armor ensures a precision, seamless fit.

  • Backed for Life – If your skid plate ever wears down to less than 0.2mm, we’ll replace it for free.

Did you know?

The average approach angle of today’s sedans is 6° while the average driveway is almost 8°. Mathematically it’s not a matter of if but when you’ll scrape your front bumper.

Got A Question?

How long does Scrape Armor last?

Scrape Armor is backed by a lifetime guarantee, if it is worn down to 0.2mm or less they will replace it for free.

Do you need to drill into the bumper to attach Scrape Armor?

Yes, some small holes will need to be made to attach Scrape Armor kits, this is to ensure that the kit remains attached to the vehicle if it gets dragged over a surface instead of being caught or pulled off. Where ever possible Scrape Armor uses factory mounting holes to be attached to the bumper.

Is Scrape Armor a universal fit?

No, Scrape Armor is designed using a 3D scanner to ensure each kit fits the underside of the vehicle with millimetre precision.

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