Aftercare Instructions

Look after your investment.

Looking after your PPF

1/ Do not wash your vehicle within the first 7 days after PPF installation. The film is still drying and the use of soaps may prevent the edges of the film from drying completely. You may notice a few bubbles here and there, this is completely normal and will dry out over the course of the next 2-3 weeks

2/ Once the film has cured, you will be able to wash the car as normal. We highly recommend using pH neutral car care products and clean using the twin bucket method. If using a pressure washer, ensure low pressure and keep the spray lance at least 50cmt away from the surface of the film, especially the edges as the pressure might lift the film.

3/ We do not recommend the use of Automatic car washes as the brushes can pick up the edges of the film and leave fibres. If using a hand car wash, please ensure you keep pressure washers at a distance of at least 50cm to reduce the chances of blowing back the edges of the film, this creates a very obvious bubbly patch when done and may require panels to be replaced at your cost.

4/ Any bird/bat droppings or bug splatters should be removed immediately. If left on even for a short period of time, the acids within them may etch through the self-healing layer. This will not damage the paint work underneath but might leave a mark on the PPF that will not self heal. Even ceramic coatings are not impervious to the highly acidic droppings.

5/ Do not use polishes that have abrasives or products which contain petroleum and solvents. These products will damage the self–healing and adhesive layers of the film. Do not use abrasive or resin based products as they will cause a haze to the surface of the film.

6/ Due to the self healing properties of the PPF, minor scratches and swirl marks in the film will heal over a period of time. To accelerate the process, pour warm water (not boiling) over the desired area. Any scratches that penetrate deeper than the films 8 micron top coat not self heal.

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