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Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF

Take a look at the process of installing paint protection film to a vehicle.
In this section you can view some of the various paint protection film packages that we offer as well as observing the process of applying PPF to a vehicle.

Flow Designs splitter kits

Looking for a subtle way to make your vehicle a little bit more aggressive? A Flow designs splitter kit may be the answer.
In this sections we provide step by step installation instructions for installing a flow designs kit to various different vehicles.
Observe how the kits are installed and go ahead and give it a go yourself or engage us to supply and install a kit to your vehicle.

Skid plates and Scrape Armor

Skid plates are an excellent, non intrusive way to protect the underside of your front bumper/splitter from scrapes and scuffs.
They also assist your vehicle to slide rather than gripping on concrete and driveways that may be a more aggressive than is ideal for some super low exotic vehicles.

How to: Vehicle disassembly

Are you a DIYer looking for a few tips on disassembling parts of a particular vehicle? Browse our DIY disassembly videos for handy information to make your next install a little smoother.

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