Protecting the paint of Ford’s new beast of a ute.

The new Ford Ranger Raptor is most definitely becoming a highly sought after dual cab ute in Australia.
With its wide fenders and even wider tyres, raised suspension and 3.0L V6 motor, it is definitely going to be at home off the beating track, cruising over the sand dunes or anywhere else that it will fit really.
With all of that in mind it’s definitely something that should take full advantage of our Xpel Ultimate plus paint protection film. Or in the case of the example you see here, our Xpel Stealth paint protection film, converting the factory gloss finish paint into a more rugged and aggressive satin finish.

Satin is the new gloss!

This Raptor came through to have us apply a full Xpel Stealth paint protection film kit.
This satin PPF covers all of the factory gloss painted surfaces transforming it into a sleek satin black (in this case) finish.
Xpel Ultimate plus gloss film was used on the headlights and foglights to protect them from chips and scuffs as well whilst still maintaining the light output.

We also went on to apply our ceramic coating over the top of the PPF giving it hydrophobic properties and make washing and maintenance a whole lot faster and easier.

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