Colour changed and protected, this Huracan gets the lot.

We offer quite a few different ways to customize and protect your vehicle.
And every now and then one of our clients comes along and sees the value in all of those services. The owner of this particular Lamborghini Huracan Evo just happens to be one of them.

Having had the car vinyl wrapped by another shop previously and being dissatisfied with the finish, it was brought to us at Exclusive Wraps to be un-wrapped and re-wrapped in a new finish.

Additionally we were tasked with providing a full Xpel paint protection film kit over the wrap and exposed paint areas.
We also tinted the headlights and tail lights using Xpel Light smoke tint film.
Finally we added a Scrape Armor under bumper protection kit to the front bar to protect from scrapes on aggressively angled roads and driveways or speed bumps.

Take a look at the full install video below, or scroll down for a few highlights on the customization process.

Step one: Old wrap removal

To begin with, the first step in this wrap package was to remove the poorly applied old wrap and clean off any adhesive residue that may have remained.
Using the correct technique for removal vinyl is important as this will reduce the likelihood of leaving glue behind making the process quicker and neater.

The correct technique involves heating the film enough that the glue becomes soft but the film does not burn or melt. From there you pull the film toward yourself (which is the opposite of what most people instinctively do) and the film should come away with relative ease and nice and clean.

Step two: Vehicle disassembly

Next up, the vehicle is fully disassembled.
It was quite evident that the vehicle was not at all disassembled when wrapped the first time around as a lot of areas were trimmed short and had funny patches in places due to the installer not being able to reach certain areas with the film.

With the correct careful disassembly of the vehicle, we are able to get a much nicer wrap finish, the film can be tucked deeper into the panels and creates a much more convincing overall wrap that looks paint like.

Step three: Cleaning the vehicle

Once the vehicle has been stripped, it’s time for a deep clean.
With the vehicle in pieces we can clean more thoroughly and remove dirt and debris from areas not normally accessible that may spill out and spoil the wrap.

The cleaning process involves:
* Multi-stage snow foam wash.
* Full vehicle clay bar decontamination.
* Alcohol based surface preparation.

We use a range of Snow foam products to achieve a great quality clean, all of which are available for purchase in store.

Step four: The colour change wrap

Now comes the colour change wrap,
We used Inozetek Miami Blue for this Huracan Evo.
The style of the wrap was inspired by Lamborghinis Fluo Capsule edition which is reflected in the contrast of gloss black accents against the blue along with a few pin stripes in certain areas.

Each panels is wrapped individually to allow a suitable amount of film to be wrapped around the edges of the panels providing maximum coverage.
Correct stretch and post heating techniques are used to ensure the wrap will stay where it has been laid.

Step five: Scrape Armor under bumper protection

To protect the underside of the front bumper from scrapes and scratches we installed a Scrape Armor under bumper skid plate kit.
This product is manufactured using a low surface energy material that allows the bumper to glide rather than grip in the unfortunate event of a scrape on the front bar.
This means you’re less likely to pull the bumper from the vehicle and obviously prevents it from being scratched and damaged.
It also has a very stealthy low profile look which is barely noticeable on the car so you can maintain a stylish look whilst protecting your ride.

Step six: Xpel Paint protection film install (PPF)

Finally the last step is the Xpel paint protection film install (PPF)
Xpel PPF is a thick clear film designed to protect the surface beneath from chips and scratches.
This is more commonly applied over painted surfaces but in this case is also very good at protecting the vinyl wrap as well.

Xpel Paint protection film is:
– Self healing against light swirls and scratches.
– Pre-cut from a template database that covers most vehicle makes and models.
– Carries a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

In most cases Xpel PPF is pre-cut from a library of over 80,000 vehicle templates to fit the car with the utmost precision.
It is installed using a gel or soapy water mix and can be removed without damaging the paint revealing a pristine finish underneath.

The end result is a truely unique one of a kind Huracan Evo, wrapped and protected with the finest products.

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