Learn how an I30N Flow Designs kit is installed.

At Exclusive Wraps we not only Wrap, Coat and Protect your vehicles, we can also provide you with styling options in the form of Flow Designs splitter kits.

Flow Designs splitter kits are market leaders for style and strength as they not only provide your car a unique and sportier look, but also carry a 10 year warranty as the strongest splitter on the market.

Check out the full install video below, or scroll down for a few highlights on the install of the kit.

This particular PFL I30n received the full flow designs splitter kit which consists of:

– Front splitter with front extensions and winglets.
– Side splitters with winglets front and rear.
– Rear spats with winglets.
– Flow lock rear diffuser

Fitting a flow designs kit does require some holes be drilled in a few places to allow the supplied fasteners to hold strongly.
If you were to remove a flow kit, most holes created would not be visible unless you looked from under the vehicle.
But realistically why would you remove it?!

Installation by one of our experienced technicians can be done within a single day so you can drop off the vehicle in the morning and collect it again that afternoon sporting it’s new look.

We can also supply the kits for you to install yourself if you are an avid DIYer, just shoot us an email and we can get it all arranged for you.

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