Porsche Macan wrapped bubblegum pink

Exclusive Wraps is trusted by many new vehicle dealerships to deliver some very exciting and unique projects. Porsche Centre Brisbane is one such dealership.

Exclusive Wraps was recently commissioned by Porsche Centre Brisbane to wrap up one of their brand new Porsche Macan’s in the very bright satin bubblegum pinkĀ  by Avery Dennison.

Originally a silver/champagne finish, the bright pink is a huge contrast to where it started, creating a truely unique look.

As per standard practice, once the vehicle was dropped off it was meticulously detailed and then carefully disassembled to allow our skilled wrappers to install the film as far as necessary to achieve a high quality finish.

As you can see from the photos below, you would never know the vehicle wasn’t originally satin bubble gum pink other than the fact that it’s not a standard Porsche colour!

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