R35 GTR T-spec in for Xpel PPF with a special guest.

Seeing just one GTR in Millenium Jade is rare as it is, but two at once, that is definitely a sight to behold.
This R35 GTR T-spec was the first Qld delivered GTR to be handed over to it’s owner who promptly delivered the vehicle to us for a full Xpel Ultimate plus paint protection film kit.
Check out our review and comparison of the two in the video below or scroll on down for some more info and photos of the cars.

We’re no stranger to GTR’s at Exclusive Wraps, having protected many of the twin turbo beasts in the past. Yet somehow this T-spec gave off an aura of something extra special.
As per standard procedure, the vehicle was carefully examined and given a multistage detail in our dedicated wash bay, during which time all of the Xpel film for the vehicle was pre-cut from our template database ensuring precise panel fitment for an immaculate finish.
PPF is installed using a mixture of Soapy water, Gel and plain water to float the film on the surface allowing us to align the template correctly with the panel and then squeegee out the remaining water/gel mix leaving an invisible install.

The Nissan GT-R T-spec represents the GT-R’s philosophy of leading and shaping the times and is inspired by the words trend and traction. Only 50 models will be coming to Australia.
Upon delivery the T-spec’s were selling for approximately $260-280,000
Within a few short weeks they are changing hands for upwards of half a million dollars!
Rest assured this beautiful example is sitting tight with it’s owner for some time to come and you are very likely to see it out and about at the occasional car meet/event.

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