Custom Snow camo wrapped Model X

We love a challenge at Exclusive Wraps, and a camo wrap is most definitely a formidable foe.

There are a few different ways to complete a camo style wrap.

1. Patch work:
Any one can cut up some pieces of vinyl into various shapes and slap them on the side of the car, that’s simple, but it’s messy and not very nice to look at once you see all of the overlapping edges. It also means that when you wash the car there are a lot of exposed edges that may peel back and look pretty crappy over time.

2. Print wrap:
The next method is to print the design so that all of the coloured shapes are in one layer. This method will look much better for longer as there are far less exposed edges and the panels will be smooth to touch.
Often when people do this style of wrap they will print off a repeating pattern and use the same prints to wrap all panels of the vehicle. The draw back here is that generally the pattersn on the panels across the bonnet, bumpers and guards don’t all line up and look incomplete or incorrect.

3. Custom print wrap
A custom printed design is the ideal way to complete a camo wrap.
The sides are designed first, applied to the vehicle, then specific measurements are taken and the bumpers and horizontal panels such as bonnet, boot and roof are designed to fit those dimensions allowing for a certain amount of stretch to ensure when our skilled installers tensions out the wrap it lines up in all of the right places.
Doing a printed wrap this way is by far the most complex but also yields the highest quality finish.
That is how we wrapped this Tesla Model X.

All chrome trims were also wrapped in a satin white finish to tie into the overall snow camo feel.

A full photo set is up on both our Facebook and Instagram pages, Jump on and let us know your thoughts on the snow camo styled wrapped Tesla model X!

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