Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo satin PPF and race livery.

If being a Ferrari wasn’t enough on it’s own, this particular example of the Ferrari 488 is an off the factory floor track weapon!
The 488 Challenge Evo is a left hand drive purpose built race car that can be purchased directly through your Ferrari Dealer. Sporting a 3.9l twin turbo V8 pumping out 670hp. Did we mention it was left hand drive?!
It also sports a fixed roll cage, race spec steering wheel and even a reversing camera.

This 488 Challenge Evo came in for:
– Full Stealth conversion using Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film.
– Full Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo custom livery.

In most cases when installing Xpel paint protection film we can machine cut the film from a library of patterns specifically designed to fit each panel.
In the case of the 488 Challenge Evo, there are a few areas that are quite different to that of the standard 488 and required our team to custom install the film for the best finish and maximum coverage.

Xpel stealth paint protection film not only creates an amazing satin finish but also provides the same excellent level of protection from chips and scratches as the gloss Xpel film does.

Also sent us through a series of reference images to show us the style of the graphics they were hoping to achieve.
The custom race livery was then wrapped over the top of the Xpel PPF to create the very aggressive and unique look you see in the photos and video below using a combination of pre-cut graphics and custom knifeless taped designes following the bodylines of the car.

This has definitely been one of the most exciting vehicles we’ve had the privilege of working on this year and look forward to more amazing Ferrari’s to come!

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