Protecting Brisbane Tesla Model Y’s one car at a time!

At Exclusive Wraps we are very familiar with the Tesla Model Y platform, having applied Tesla Model Y paint protection film and ceramic coating packages to hundreds of the electric SUV’s to date.

There are many options available to owners when looking to protect their Tesla’s paint work. Often times people assume that you need to cover the entire vehicle, and whilst the vast majority of the paint protection film packages we apply are full vehicle kits, it doesn’t mean there are options out side that level of coverage.

Above you can view our standard Tesla Model Y paint protection film packages, these are the PPF kit that are most sought after by Tesla owners when looking to protect their paint, they also represent the best value for coverage.

Many Tesla Model Y owners opt to add on ceramic coating to their packages providing the vehicle with hydrophobic properties making them much easier to clean.
Less time spent washing your vehicle is more time spent doing the things that you enjoy, like driving it!

Matte Tesla paint protection film to change up the look

If you want to take your Tesla Model Y paint protection one step further, why not go for a Stealth conversion?
A stealth conversion is the term we use to describe taking your gloss paint and applying our Xpel Stealth (matte / satin finish) paint protection film to it.
This in turn gives your vehicle a very stealthy frozen look.
Matte finish paint is notoriously hard to maintain and damages extremely easily, however our satin finish PPF is very easy to maintain, especially when combined with our ceramic coating which makes cleaning a breeze.

The other great thing about the stealth PPF is that if you ever get tired of the look you can simply have the paint protection film removed revealing the protected glossy finish underneath.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The biggest regret most of our clients have is that they drove it unprotected!
Often people will order a new vehicle, then wait until it arrives before calling to book in for their Tesla Model Y paint protection package.
Now we are usually booked anywhere from 4-6 weeks in advance throughout the year, so this means a lot of clients may have to wait to get their paint protected and they will end up driving the car for a few weeks without PPF on their, sustaining several chips and scratches during that time.
It’s never too late to apply paint protection film to your vehicle but having it done right after delivery is always best, ensuring the best possible finish and least possible damage to the vehicle.

The best course of action is to call ahead and get a tentative booking on the calendar, even if you don’t have an exact date, locking yourself in a time that can be shifted as your delivery date moves is the best thing you can do to ensure your new Tesla Model Y is protected right away.

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