Window Tinting

Window tint is an absolute must in Queensland.

Window Tinting

We offer two different Xpel Prime Window tint films:

Xpel Prime CS is Xpel’s entry level carbon window tint film, does not bubble and fade like dyed films and has an excellent black looking finish without the coloured hue that many other brands suffer from.

It blocks 99% of UV and around 50% of IR heat, great value for money product.

Xpel Prime XR Plus is Xpel’s top of the range high performance window tint film, this multi-layer nanoparticle film rejects 99% of UV and 98% of IR heat keeping your car as cool as a window film possibly can.

This film will not interfere with radio, cellular or bluetooth signals.

Pricing will vary from vehicle to vehicle, so please do get in touch to get a quote for your ride.

Window Tint FAQ

How dark is darkest legal tint?

In Queensland, you are allowed to have 35% VLT tint on the two front door windows and 20% VLT on all remaining rear windows including the rear screen.

What does VLT mean?

VLT stands for “Visible Light Transmission” and refers to the percentage of light that can travel through the film.

Can i you tint my vehicle darker than darkest legal?

It is illegal to tint a vehicle darker than the darkest legal recommendations set out by Qld Transport unless done for a vehicle not used on public roads, do so at your own risk!

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