What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film is the ultimate product for keeping your vehicles paint in tip-top condition without affecting the look.

PPF Options

Cover as much or as little of the vehicle as you would like. With packages to suit various needs, we can cover as much of the vehicle as you feel necessary for peace of mind and maximum protection.
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Full Front

Track Pack

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Paint protection film

Xpel Paint Protection Film

Xpel PPF raises the bar with an unparalleled high gloss finish & improved impact protection. Xpel PPF is designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need on the open road, keeping your vehicle’s surfaces safe from things like gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, and stopping paint chips before they start.

Xpel paint protection film is:

  • Self healing against light swirls and scratches.
  • Pre-cut from a template database that covers most vehicle makes and models.
  • Carrys a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Fully removable leaving an undamaged paint finish beneath.

Xpel’s Stealth paint protection film

Paint protection film can also be used to give your ride a unique look using Xpel’s Stealth PPF.

If you’ve always wanted a satin finish paint job but don’t want the difficulty of maintaining it and the additional cost, consider getting what we call an Xpel Stealth conversion.

We take Xpel’s Stealth PPF, which was originally designed to go on top of factory satin paint, and apply it over your vehicles gloss paint for a unique look whilst still getting all of the benefits of a paint protection film.

paint protection film

Pre-cut templates & Up-To-The-Minute Availability

The Xpel DAP (Design Access Program) is the world’s largest & most comprehensive pattern repository.

In the hands of an XPEL Certified Installer, the 90,000+ patterns offered by the DAP provide the confidence they need to apply film efficiently, accurately and without concern.

Further more, where required we have the tools and experience to create custom templates for complete bespoke kits.

As XPEL’s teams of product engineers work on a daily basis to create design templates for new vehicles, these products are immediately available for us in the software the instant they are completed. No waiting for update packages to be sent out or downloads to complete. As soon as a new vehicle is ready to be delivered we have patterns ready to install.

Cover as much or as little of the vehicle as you would like. With packages to suit various needs, we can cover as much of the vehicle as you feel necessary for peace of mind and maximum protection.

Looking for something stronger?

For those that want the absolute strongest protection there is, Xpel has another option for you.

Xpel’s UP10 film. Xpel’s UP10 is essentially their Ultimate Plus paint protection film on steroids boasting an additional 25% thickness to the urethane layer providing even more chip resistance, scratch resistance and damage resistance for your vehicle.

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Paint Protection Film FAQ

How long will PPF last?

Xpel PPF carries a 10 year manufacturers warranty against degradation, yellowing and cracking.

Do you need to cut on the car?

Using Xpel’s DAP template system means that we can computer cut patterns for most surfaces on thousands of different vehicles. This minimizes the need to trim on the vehicle. In some circumstances it may be necessary to trim on the vehicle to achieve the desired finish. Our team are trained on how to score just the surface of the film enough that it can be torn through without cutting through and damaging paint.

What's the difference between a ceramic coating and PPF?

 A ceramic coating is a thin liquid crystal/quartz coating that is designed to add gloss to your paint work and make maintenance easier by giving the surface it’s applied to hydrophobic properties, it prevents contaminants from sticking to the surface and allows water to bead off. It does not protect your vehicle from stone chips and scratches.

Paint protection film is a thick clear wrap essentially that is designed to provide protection from physical damage such as chips, scuffs and scratches from keys, branches and other things.

PPF should be thought of as a sacrificial clear skin designed to take damage and protect your paint work.

If the film is damaged, simply have it removed and replaced, hopefully without the need to repaint the panel avoiding mismatched paintwork.

Combine the PPF with a ceramic coating for the added benefits of hydrophobic properties.

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