Headlight & Taillight Tinting

Add a little extra style to your car.

Light Tinting

Tinting your lights and reflectors, whether it be headlights, tail lights or various others on your vehicle can help to add a little extra style to your car without the drastic cost of a full colour wrap.

At Exclusive wraps we offer two different shades available both high quality products from Xpel and STEK that offer an unrivalled gloss finish.

Our tail light tint films also boast self healing properties as they are made from the same urethane products as our PPF films are.

On top of that they will provide chip and scratch resistance to your lights providing not only a stylish look but protection as well!

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Light Tint FAQ

How dark will the tint make my lights look?

How dark the lights look when tinted will vary a lot depending on the housing of the lights and how bright the globes/leds shine.

Is it legal to tint my lights.

It is a grey area regarding the legalities of tinting lights. It depends a lot on the light output of your lights and how far they are visible from which will vary depending on the strength of the globes and their design. This is a do so at your own risk product.

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