Full Colour Wrap

Tired of the colour of your car, or couldn’t get it in a colour you want? A colour change wrap may be the thing for you.

So how does it work?

First you select a colour from the hundreds of finishes available which you can see in our showroom.

Then we schedule a date and get the vehicle in. Once the vehicle arrives it receive the following prior to being wrapped:

  • Multi-stage snow foam wash.
  • Full vehicle clay bar decontamination.
  • Alcohol based surface preparation.

After that the vehicle is carefully disassembled as much as is required for a clean finish. Each panel is wrapped individually and then re-assembled. A final clean is done and its ready for you to collect.

Unsure how it will look?

We can even give you a visual representation using our 3D rendering software to help you better imagine the final result.

Colour Wrap FAQ

Colour change wraps are a great way to give your car a short to medium term new look whilst still being able to revert back to the factory paint at a later date.

A wrap is NOT a substitute for poor condition paint, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking because their paint is peeling or damaged they can just wrap over it to cover it up, this is not the case. Any damage you can feel when you touch it will show through the wrap and also may not bond well resulting in a poor quality finish.

How much does a wrap cost?

How long is a piece of string? The cost of a wrap can vary widely depending on the type of vehicle and complexity of disassembly as well as the type of material chosen.

Pricing varies between manufacturers and material finishes also, get in touch to get a quote specific to your vehicle.

How long will a wrap last?

How long a wrap will last varies a lot depending on how much UV it receives and how well it is maintained.

Most films are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 12-24 months in Qld climate depending on the type of material.

We have seen some wraps last as long as 4 years or so before requiring removal.
You can see spec sheets for the different manufacturers films below

How long does it take to wrap a car?

We typically approximately 7 days to complete a full external colour change.
If door jambs have been options, this may add an additional 5 days or so depending on the vehicle.

Whilst we do our very best to stick to these times, occasionally installs may run over time due to various reasons. We will always do our best to keep you informed on the progress and of any potential delays if they are to occur.

Do I need to tell the transport department?

Yes, simply fill out a change of vehicle particulars form in QLD and submit this to a Transport Department office, as of the time of writing this, this service is free.
You can download the form from here

Will a wrap damage my paint?

If your vehicle is undamaged factory condition paint, and the film is removed within it’s useable life, no it will not damage your paint.

If we must wrap over damage or repaired paint surfaces, there is the possibility that upon removal of the film it may peel some paint off with it due to the compromised surface or poor preparation when the paint repairs were completed (this is not generally visually obvious.

How do I maintain my wrap?

We recommend a few things to keep your wrap in top condition for as long as possible.

Firstly, keeping it under cover our out of direct sunlight where possible when not in use, parked in a garage or at least under cover will help prevent animals climbing on and landing on the surface as well as dew settling on it.

Clean off things like bird and bat droppings quickly and carefully by soaking it with a soapy solution before gently  wiping away, do not scrub the surface or you risk leaving scratch marks.

Keep the wrap clean, wash it regularly, once a week would be ideal, hand washing is best using a PH neutral shampoo, see in store for some of the products we carry and recommend.

Pressure washers can damage your wrap, if being used, keep these at least 1m from the surface of the film or you risk cutting the film or lifting edges.

How do I remove my wrap?

When the time comes, we generally recommend having a professional remove your wrap for you.

The reason for this is that a careful balance of heat and peeling techniques should be used depending on the type of film and it’s age to achieve a clean removal and without risk of damaging the paint. Incorrect removal techniques can cause damage to the paint.

Additionally, because we disassemble vehicles to complete a wrap, we will need to disassemble parts of the vehicle again to ensure all film is removed.

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